ASG produces a variety of printed and online publications, reports, newsletters and blogs for the benefit of parents, families, students, educators, government, media and other relevant stakeholders.  

ASG is committed to publishing material which is relevant and necessary. Many of our publications are collaboration with leading academics and industry experts.  

ASG’s Scholastic

ASG's Scholastic is our quarterly newsletter for members and their families, which has the latest ASG and education news. The newsletter is designed to keep members up to date on ASG news, provide useful information, and inspire ASG students to reach their full potential. For younger children, the Creative Hub will keep them busy with tips on arts and crafts, baking, gardening, and participating in ASG run competitions.

The newsletter is emailed to members every quarter and is also printed. You can read our latest issue online

ASG ConnectED 

ASG ConnectED  is a monthly e-newsletter which is distributed to prospective members only. ASG hopes to connect with parents and families, giving them a taste of how ASG can help them on their children’s education journey into the future. 

The e-newsletter provides prospective members with information, interesting facts and tips which is sourced from ASG’s educational resources and is widely available to and accessed by our members.   

Read the latest ConnectED articles.

Early Horizons

Early Horizons, ASG’s early childhood magazine, aims to support educators achieve positive outcomes for children. The magazine shares professional insights and leadership from specialists in the early childhood sector.  

A complimentary copy of  Early Horizons is provided to preschools, kindergartens, Day Care and Long Day Care centres in Australia and New Zealand.

Read the latest issue of Early Horizons

Thinking Play

Thinking Play is a pedagogy designed to allow children to learn through play. This useful teacher guide was developed by Michelle Scheu, a dedicated and dynamic early years teacher at Chevallum State School in Queensland. Michelle uses many techniques to engage her young learners including the Thinking Play method. Michelle developed Thinking Play as a play-based way of teaching that reflects real life. It enhances the development of a child's early years and nurtures them towards reaching their full potential as an individual.

ASG Blog

The ASG blog  is targeted at parents and families and provides insight on topical education issues, which may be also be in the media, such as the quality of the school curriculum and NAPLAN testing. The blog also features stories on ASG students, community partnerships and highlights of ASG’s impact and presence in the education sector.    

Read ASG's blog

Annual Report

ASG is a member-owned organisation and we strive to deliver solid bonus rates and ensure our members can provide their children with the best education possible. Our annual report provides a strategic overview of our business, review of operations for the year, detailed financial statements, as well as the CEO and director’s reports. 

Our annual report also provides internal and external stakeholders with a snapshot of our member database and how much money ASG has distributed in education and scholarship benefits. 

Download ASG's annual reports and companion documents, for financial year reporting and to read about ASG and its education and community initiatives.

Annual Report 2016-17 (1.6 MB)

Summary Annual Report 2016-17 (3.5 MB)

Australian Tax Transparency

In December 2015, the Commissioner of Taxation publicly disclosed on the ATO’s website the income tax details of corporate taxpayers with a turnover of $100m or greater for the 2014 income year.  The taxation of friendly societies and life insurance companies such as ASG is subject to specific provisions in the income tax legislation and ASG determines its income tax liabilities in accordance with these provisions. The attached document provides an explanation of the relevant disclosure.

ASG Tax Transparency (87 KB)

Annual General Meeting (AGM) news

2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) … Read more


ASG Parents Report Card

The ASG Parents Report Card 2017 investigates the state of education in Australia from parents’ perspective. Download your FREE copy now.

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