We will continue to communicate with members with ASG products through online publications and reports to keep you informed on the status of your funds and up to date on what is happening in the organisation.

ASG Scholastic

Scholastic is a digital magazine created to give members with ASG products updates on the organisation and general information on their funds, and to share useful and relevant articles on education and household financial matters. The digital magazine is emailed to members each quarter through a newsletter.

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Annual Report

Our Annual Report gives you an insight into the organisation’s business activities and financial position.

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Investment Returns and Performance Updates

Our primary investment purpose is to provide stable and reliable investment returns without taking excessive risk, to assist members in meeting the costs of their lifelong learning aspirations and nominated children’s education.

Our latest financial review gives you information on your investment. Further details are made available on your annual member statement, which is emailed to you each year before December.

Find the quarterly investment update on the Pathway Education Fund, including the Lifelong Education Fund and the Structured Saver Funds, below:

Parents Report Card

The Parents Report Card captures the collective voice of our membership through parents’ responses to a detailed annual survey. It offers unique insight into the perceptions of parents on the state of Australian education.

Through the release of this annual report, we aim to inform and stimulate public discussion on education policy, school funding, preparing students for the future of work, and other contemporary education-related issues. A primary purpose is to help positively shape the future of education in Australia.

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