Proactively plan for the cost of your ongoing learning and professional development

ASG’s Lifelong Education Fund is part of our suite of Little Big Funds. The fund allows you to save for the cost of further education—whether this involves the opportunity to up-skill, retrain to forge a new career or simply expand your horizons.

With the employment landscape rapidly changing, the jobs we have today may not exist tomorrow.

Investing in education as a lifelong experience gives you the ability to adapt to emerging trends, build on your skills to stand out from the crowd, increase your earning potential and have access to greater lifestyle choices.

Without careful planning, returning to study can be overwhelming. You many need to reduce your working hours to give you the study time you need, resulting in reduced remuneration. Along with fees, you’ll need to consider the costs of books, materials and perhaps travel costs, as well as maintaining your existing household and living expenses. 

Key features

Flexible contributions

Tax effective

Supports full-time and part-time studies

Use for further education

Flexible withdrawals

  • Flexible contributions Lifelong allows you to determine how much you contribute, how often you contribute, and when you receive your benefit payments 

  • Tax effective  ASG's Education Funds qualify as scholarship plans under Australian tax law

  • Supports full-time and part-time studies – Lifelong covers flexible study options anywhere in the world

  • Use for further education – covers university, TAFE, vocational courses and apprenticeships 
  • Flexible withdrawals choose when you’d like your contributions to be returned to you