While education is unanimously acknowledged as an important aspect of our lives and nation building, it has not been given the same focus, priority or resources as other life events such as purchasing property, getting married, having children and saving for retirement.

That is why ASG commissioned this White Paper, and the research supporting it, to better understand parental attitudes towards saving for education.

The results show that while education is considered to be very important by families, there is a gap between this perceived importance and how families are planning, prioritising and saving for future education costs.

Australians have embraced the concept of lifelong education, but must now embrace a new mindset regarding the role of education as a financial priority.

ASG hopes that this white paper highlights some important issues to help Australia and Australians reposition and appropriately recognise education as a major life event. It is also hoped that this white paper will be the catalyst for robust conversations between policy makers and other stakeholders to develop solutions that will give education the importance and status it deserves as a major life event and assist Australians in their pursuit for lifelong learning and education.

We hope you enjoy reading the ASG White Paper.

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ASG White Paper: Repositioning education as a major life event–full report


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