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The importance of planning for your child’s education

We know that planning for your child’s education is a big responsibility. At ASG, we’re here to make this important task a little easier.

With the cost of education in Australia rising by more than double the rate of inflation during the past 10 years#, some families will spend more than half a million dollars just to put a single child through school!* 

Along with yearly school fees, you should also consider costs such as uniforms, camps, computers, textbooks and sports and music equipment. 

These costs can add up quickly and put significant pressure on your family budget, so it’s important to plan ahead.

# Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics - Sep 14 - 6401.01 Consumer Price Index, Australia
* Based on data sourced from the 2015 ASG Planning for Education Index.

^ Source: Project Aeroplane.  ASG commissioned independent research with 2088 Australian parents aged 25 to 44 with at least one child aged under 10 yrs.  

Costs to consider







Saving for education: making sense of it all

Along with saving for retirement and buying a house, education is one of life’s major events and a critical investment parents, families and communities can make.

There are many options available to parents and individuals when it comes to saving for education. Selecting the right one can make a big difference in helping you reach your goals. 

For all but the wealthiest parents, there will be no one solution and funding the rising costs of education will require a combination of specific savings and finding the money from ongoing cash flow.

Like most parents you may find that you need more money during the final years of secondary education when education expenses are at the highest, and when you have multiple children in secondary and post-secondary education at the same time. 

But first, let’s share some things you need to factor into your decision making.

Resources to help parents through the education journey

In addition to financial products and services, ASG members enjoy access to a range of tools, information and advice designed to further their child’s academic, social and emotional development. 

From parenting information to career planning tools, our comprehensive resources provide expert advice for all ages from early childhood to post-secondary and beyond:

  • ASG provides parents with a range of online resources, e-guides and articles to support their children’s education
  • Discounts on educational products such as ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Mathseeds. 

ASG can help with

I’m so grateful that my parents started planning for my education when I was young.

Alex, ASG student

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