Whether you plan to send your child to a private, government or systemic (e.g. Catholic) school, the cost of their education will be significant. 

ASG’s education funds offer a proactive and proven way to offset these costs. Making regular contributions towards the cost of your child’s education will give you peace of mind now, and greater opportunities to choose the best education for your child in the future.

  1. It’s never too early to start planning for your child’s future

There’s no question that a quality education will open doors for your child. Education positively shapes children’s lives. It builds skills for the future, develops resilience in times of hardship and sets students up for success. 

However, it’s easy to overlook the total cost of education. Along with yearly school fees, you should also consider costs such as uniforms, camps, computers, textbooks and sports and music equipment. 

With some forward planning and budgeting, you can lay the foundations for your child to reach their potential.

  1. Save in a way that suits you

At ASG, we believe that every child deserves a quality education – regardless of wealth, status or capability. 

ASG allows parents to make regular contributions to tax effective education funds that help to offset school fees and other related expenses. Whether you’re a disciplined saver or someone who needs a bit more structure, our education funds will help you to take control of future education expenses.

We’re a member-owned organisation, which means profits are invested into the business to benefit our members and their children.

Save in a way that suits you
  1. Flexible education fund options

We know that planning for your child’s education is a big responsibility. Our tax effective education funds make this important task a little easier with flexible contribution and benefit options.   

Whether you choose to cover basic education costs only or opt to put aside additional funds towards the cost of private schooling, our education funds allow you to choose when your benefits will be returned to you. Depending on the fund you choose you can increase or decrease your regular contributions. 

A number of our education funds also pay scholarship benefits to students who pursue post-secondary studies. 

ASG and your education plan
  1. Member offers and discounts

In addition to financial products and services, ASG members enjoy access to a range of tools, information and advice designed to help families navigate their child’s education journey. Created in partnership with experts in parenting and early childhood development, these resources will allow you to support your child’s development from birth through to secondary studies and beyond.  

Our members also receive exclusive member offers and discounts on quality educational products and family health insurance.

Member benefits