Smarter streamlined fee collection with ASG Funding Solutions

ASG Funding Solutions allows schools to provide flexible school fee payment options for families without increased administration and financial burdens.

We integrate with your existing accounting system and fee management platform in a format that works for your school, allowing you to save time allocating payments.

Simple for schools, smarter for parents

Key benefits for schools

  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduce late payments and bad debts
  • Easy reconciliation
  • Zero implementation

Key benefits for parents

  • Smarter way to manage fees within the family budget
  • Instalments spread over the school year
  • Covers school fees, building levies, uniforms, camps and other education costs

How it works


Parents join Funding Solutions

Parents design a fee repayment plan with us based on the total cost to be funded and the repayment frequency.


We pay your school in full and on time

We obtain your fee schedule and dates for payment and pay your school on behalf of the family


Automated repayments

ASG Funding Solutions collects repayments from the family. No need for the school to be involved.

Because ASG Funding Solutions manages all administrative requirements of collecting and managing a fee payment schedule with the family, we have saved on employment costs in our accounts department. Their payment files integrate seamlessly with our accounting system, making reconciliation of student accounts easy.

Ken Fuller, Business Manager, Canterbury College

Trust the specialists when it comes to fee payment solutions

As one of Australia’s independent school fee payment providers, when you partner with ASG you get the benefits of more than 40 years experience in the management of school fee payments and education cost management.

Find out more today

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