ASG releases its Planning for Education Index to inform parents and the broader community about projected cost estimates for primary and secondary schooling.

ASG sources data for the index by combining an extensive survey of its members on the additional costs of education such as uniforms, books and camps, along with public information on school fees. This year ASG commissioned Monash University to independently collate and analyse this data.

The purpose of this research is to inform parents and assist them in understanding the total cost of educating their children.

Highlights of the 2019 Planning for Education Index include:

Brisbane is Australia’s most expensive city for a Government school education.
Adelaide is Australia’s most expensive city for a Catholic school education, followed by Canberra.
Sydney is Australia’s most expensive city for an Independent school education.
Regional Victoria is Australia’s most expensive area for independent school education.
Regional Queensland is Australia’s most expensive area for Catholic school education.
Regional NSW is Australia’s most expensive area for Government school education.

For a more detailed understanding of the estimated cost of educating your child, ASG has a new online calculator.

Calculate the cost of your child's education

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People often say, 'you don't know what you don't know'. With the ASG cost calculator you can get a gauge on what it will cost to educate your children. We don't just consider school fees, we also pay serious consideration to the little extras that pop up such as uniforms, laptops, camps and those pesky lost blazers and cracked iPad screens! It's what our 40+ years of experience has taught us!

So click the link and play with the calculator to see how much it would cost to take your little ones on the journey.


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Use our cost calculator to find out more

Estimated costs for primary and secondary schools nationally (in capital cities), for the period from the age selected to the end of secondary school. Based on data sourced from the ASG 2019 Planning for Education Index. The figures are indicative and should be used as a guide only. It does not take into account your personal circumstances or objectives. ASG does not guarantee that these figures will represent the actual education costs for you, your child or children .

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