Helping families plan for education

ASG founders Harry Tyler and Gary Bickerton had a single passion – to assist as many Australian children as possible to receive an education. They had no resources and no precedent to follow. Today, ASG has more than $1.48 billion in funds under management and has enrolled more than 540,000 children.

In 1973, Harry and Gary made an application to register the Independent Provident Society of Victoria (IPS) as a Friendly Society, operating under the jurisdiction of the Registrar’s Department. The first member signed up before the Society was even registered.

Through hard economic times and market vulnerability, ASG resolutely stuck to its mission of enhancing the opportunity for children to gain a complete education.

We’ve never lost sight of our core values and remain committed to both our members and the Australian and New Zealand communities in the interest of supporting the education aspirations of parents and their children.

A brief timeline of ASG:   

1974 – The Australian Scholarship Trust was formally registered.

1982 – The first beneficiary received her Australian Scholarship Trust cheque.

1990 – ASG began to operate in New Zealand.

1994 – The ASG National Excellence in Teaching Awards (ASG NEiTA) were launched. 

2004 – ASG’s assets exceeded $200 million.

2005 – ASG partnered with The Smith Family for their Learning for Life program.

2009 – ASG sponsored two ASG enrolled secondary students to attend the International Space Camp for the first time.

2014 – ASG celebrated its 40th anniversary.