The Education Fund (TEF) helps you pay for the basics during your child’s secondary schooling—think expenses like uniforms, textbooks and sports equipment.

TEF also pays your child a scholarship if they qualify for an approved post-secondary qualification, giving them financial independence and the freedom to focus on their studies.  

Please read the PDS to consider if this product is right for you.


When I was accepted into medical school, it was funds from ASG that permitted me to pay my residential college fees and purchase my medical textbooks.

Mark, ASG student

Key features

  • Contributions - start from as low as $11 per week, depending on the age of your child 
  • Tax effective - ASG's Education Programs qualify as scholarship plans under Australian tax law 
  • Suitable for children under 10 – enrolment is open to any child under 10 years of age 


  • Use for secondary school - contributions will be returned to you while your child is at secondary school
  • Scholarship benefits – your child will receive a scholarship payment if they qualify for an approved post-secondary study 

More information

Please review the Financial Services Guide (FSG) and the Education Fund Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

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Work out your costs

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