You can withdraw funds as a Scholarship Plan Benefit (formerly known as Education Benefit) to help pay for school or course fees and a broad range of education related expenses. The request for withdrawal must meet ASG’s Scholarship Plan Benefit criteria. You must submit relevant evidence at the time of your request, to show that the funds are being used for valid education related expenses.

All full-time and part-time post-secondary studies recognised by state, territory and federal education departments qualify. Study may be taken in Australia or overseas (in which case recognition by an equivalent overseas government education department will also be accepted).


Details of Scholarship Plan Benefit criteria

Course fees:

Any course fee charged by the following institutions can be claimed as a Scholarship Plan Benefit:

• University (Australia or overseas)
• TAFE college
• Registered Training Organisations
• Professional bodies (CPA, CFA® etc.)
• Secondary school
• Primary school
• Preschool

Any higher education course that is eligible to receive HECS or HELP support from the Australian government is eligible.

Government recognised or sanctioned apprenticeship courses are also eligible.


Expenses can be claimed in relation to the completion of any course that meets ASG’s Scholarship Plan Benefit criteria, where the expenses are a requirement of completing the course, e.g. claiming an accounting text book when you are completing an accounting degree.

Expenses may come in the form of:

• text books
• computers
• travel expenses
• excursions and schools camps
• living away from home expenses (rent, utilities)
• tools of the trade (calculators, measuring devices, hammers, personal safety equipment).

ASG’s Scholarship Plan Benefit criteria may be changed at any time.

Whether evidence provided meets ASG’s Scholarship Plan Benefit criteria is at the sole discretion of ASG.