Partnership with The Smith Family

The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program supports disadvantaged children and young people throughout their education, giving them the best chance to realise their potential.

The Smith Family is an independent national charity that helps disadvantaged Australian families to create a better future. 

Learning for Life is a holistic program providing long-term support to young Australians. It offers support at all stages of education – from preschool and primary school to secondary school and tertiary studies – giving students the assistance they need to develop vital life skills and stay engaged in their education.

Partnership with Monash University

In 2012, ASG formed a philanthropic partnership with Monash University’s Faculty of Education to help transform students into leading teachers.

This partnership offers a full-time scholarship, a one year bursary and travel grants for mid-career teachers and educators who wish to undertake research about teaching and learning in schools. This partnership enables the Faculty of Education to support up to eight students in any given year for a five year period.

This collaboration between ASG and Monash University will lead to the development of cutting-edge teaching and learning research, which will ultimately enhance the community's understanding of key education issues.

The scholarships awarded are:

  • The ASG PhD Scholarship for Exceptional Mid-Career Professionals

  • The ASG Scholarship for Excellence

  • The ASG Scholarship Travel Grant Award.